How to open blog?
   So let's start to create your first blog. Steps to create blog.
- Go to
- Simply sign in with your Gmail ID.
- Now you are in your Blogger dashboard.

Now you successfully created your account.
- Click on create blog.
- Enter the address of your blog(Domain).
- If you have  custom domain name then use it.
- Now choose the theme for your blog you can change theme at anytime.

Now you created url of your blog and theme of your blog.
- Click on post in left menu.
- Select any topic of your choice.
- Write the post on your topic.
- Click on publish.

It's that simple now you have your Blogspot blog. Congratulations...
  Here I told you for blogger platform but you can use any type of other platform for your blog such as wordpress and many others. Write regular post on your blog share useful information to your readers and create a audience for your blog.
In future we will see how to promote your blog. How to earn money from your blog.


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